Outcomes from Innovation Impact

IFD Tick

What outcomes can you expect to create particular advantages for a firm that is trying to compete in today’s economy:

  • Strengthen the innovation knowledge management within a firm.
  • Foster creativity as a key ingredient in the innovation process.
  • Increase ability of the business to react quickly to change, without a big impact on efficiency.
  • Promote human resource management as a strategic area within the business.
  • Improve the gathering of updated and valuable market information.
  • Promote co-operation and teamwork, build diverse capability and competency.
  • Foster networking and the construction of external support systems.
  • Take advantage of the internet and other social media communications technologies.
  • Emphasize a global-oriented approach (internationalization), highly outwardly looking.
  • Accelerate and shorten the time-to-market in innovation projects as a constant need.
  • Encourage entrepreneurial initiatives and its spirit.
  • Integrate science, technology and market understanding in fluent adaptive systems.
  • Increase efficiency using more advanced information technologies that give improved knowledge.

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I research innovation and provide insights & advice to individuals, teams, and organizations

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